Happiness is taking a long warm bath

When you are feeling stressed out all you need to do is take a long relaxing bath.

Most people opt for showers because they can help you save a lot of time. While no one will argue with this fact, there are times when we actually need a bath. Not so much for getting cleaned up but for relaxing and unwinding. When you have had a very long day, when fate seemed to have something against you, throwing all sorts of challenges and negative energy bombs your way, trying to see if you can actually trip and fall, a bath will save the day. When you have a sore back from all those hours sitting stiffly in front of the computer, when you simply need to get away from everything and enjoy a few moments with yourself or relax without having to leave your house, a bath is the solution you’ve been looking for. And, since the cold season is approaching, enjoying a bath at the end of a day can be the best way to get all warm and fuzzy before going to bed, ensuring a good night sleep.

So yes, baths will take a bit more of your time, but in the end, you will feel extremely happy you made such a choice. The truth is that you can easily enjoy a spa-like experience in your own bathroom, simple and easy, every time you feel like. Thus, equip your bathroom with some nice candles, perfumed or not, salt bombs, or bath foam if you like, all of them chosen according to your personal preferences. There are scents that will relax you, spoil you, reduce stress, and induce a positive state of mind. But, the secret for long and enjoyable baths is the bathtub caddy. Specially created to be positioned over your bathtub, this beautiful wooden bath shelf will allow you to have a glass of wine, some delicious snacks, and even your tablet or favorite book.

bath duck for relaxing bathing with bathtub caddy tray and bath pillow

Would you like to take things to an even higher level? Then, besides the over bathtub tray, get a bathtub pillow as well. This comfortable cushion will provide all the comfort you need while taking a bath, allowing you to read, watch a TV show, sip wine or champagne, and just enjoy your ‘me time’. Your back won’t risk slipping and it will definitely be more pleasant to sit on this cushion instead of resting your back against the hard bathtub. Can you believe that is so easy to pamper yourself without having to endure the traffic so you can reach a spa center?

If you are wondering where you can find the best tub racks and bathtub pillow, it is worth knowing that Monsuri is a brand that you can definitely trust. The bath shelves are incredibly versatile, allowing you to indulge in a variety of things, like wine, watching a movie, reading a novel, munching on some snacks or just taking a nap. Depending on how you imagine your ideal bath, these must-have bathroom accessories will make your dream come true. So, relaxing and leaving all that troll-like personality behind, due to stress, has never been easier. Enjoy a nice long bath with the help of Monsuri products and you’ll certainly want to do this more often.

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