Loose leaf tea or tea bags?

Tea, without any doubt, is one of the favourite beverages across the globe. There are people who like to have it after every meal, when they get up, before hitting the bed, when they are tired, sleepy, have a headache; in short, they love to have tea at any time of the day. Women will catch up on their friends over tea and indulge in some harmless gossip or discuss the fashion scene. Most of the men are guilty of using the ever-so-popular (now outdated, though) pickup line “coffee, tea or me” to have a date with their crush. The rich flavour, wonderful taste, and the power to revitalise have contributed majorly to make this beverage one of the most popular in the worldwide.

Due to the easy availability of tea bag and quick preparation time, many people now prefer them over the regular loose leaf tea. There are numerous differences between tea bags and loose leaf tea, which go beyond the surface. Loose leaf tea is definitely better in terms of taste, aroma, and quality. While tea bags definitely helps to make an ‘instant tea’, but there shouldn’t be any compromise for tea lovers if they want their tea to be amazing.

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that make loose leaf tea better than tea bags.

There are various health benefits associated with tea. It can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, boost the immune system, help with weight loss, and can protect the bones from damaging or breaking. However, all the benefits can only be availed if you are having quality tea that is loose leaf tea. The major reason why tea contained in tea bags loses its quality is because of the fact that tea leaves need space and room to expand fully in order to provide full-bodied flavor. The standard material, which is used to make tea bags, does not allow the leaves to expand fully; therefore, the quality, taste, and flavor of the tea made from tea bags are not the same as you can get with loose leaf tea.

Another factor that goes against the tea bags is that they are manufactured on the industrial scale and kept in warehouses for long times before they reach you. Hence, the aroma and the freshness that is associated with the tea are lost when you are using the tea bags.

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The Bottom Line

The only factor that goes against the loose leaf tea is the time it takes to brew and make; however, it is not the case with the Monsuri tea infuser bottle. It is a perfect choice for you if you do not want to make any compromise on the quality of your favourite beverage. It is a portable and refillable 450ml travel mug that comes with a removable stainless steel strainer. Whether you are going to the gym or the office, you can carry it along with you to enjoy your favourite infusion at any time of the day. Another great feature of this tea bottle is that it allows you to experiment with your drink the way you like. Get this amazing bottle now and say goodbye to the sugary drinks that are doing more harm than good to your health.

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