Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set

Holistic solution that targets sore & achy muscles!
These luxurious natural bath bombs provide a NOURISHING, MOISTURIZING and revitalizing experience. 

Infused with our in-house formulated naturally-moisturizing coconut oil, epsom salt, USDA organic essential oils, and soothing Aloe. Use bath time to relax and achieve your skin goals!

Our premium aromatherapy bath bomb gift set includes:

✔️ 1 x Lavender Bath Bomb

✔️ 1 x Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

✔️ 1 x Rose Bath Bomb

✔️ 1 x Lemongrass Bath Bomb

4 Luxurious Bath Bombs For A Mood-Enhancing Experience

All-Natural Ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Very peaceful

These bath bombs from monsuri are very calming and peaceful, from the packaging to the scent to the way they melt. Everything is gentle and neutral. They are 4 oz cubes with pretty decorations on the top. You do need to open the plastic wrap over the bathtub as some powder will fallout. It’s wrapped very well and there was no powder leaked into the box, which is good. The colors are soft and looks natural, and the scent is juicy, pleasant, and not too strong.

VERY giftable

A really, really nice package. I'm used to all the samey bathbombs that are a dime a dozen on Amazon and these are definitely different. They are made in America and feel very premium from the packaging (so much tissue paper!) on down. They are heavy, have great scents, and leave the skin feeling awesome. A really great gift.

Very moisturizing, low on color, medium amount of scent

+ Very little color
+ Smells very good and not like cheap perfume (see below)
+ SO VERY MOISTURIZING (yes in full caps). Even did wonders for the patch of eczema I have on the back of my hand.

Cons (both probably more of a personal preference):
- Scent isn't very strong. I could smell it before it went into the bath but very little once it hit the water
- Flowers on top which is bad for my pipes and sticks all over my bath tub and bath pillow (not a huge issue since I can brush off the flowers before use)

My rating for this would be 4.9 stars if that were possible. I like everything about it except that the scent is a little weak. These bath bombs are really in the luxury bath bomb category and are not your cheap everyday color chocked perfume laden bath bombs that do nothing for the skin. These are more pricey but in this case the price matches the high quality of these bath bombs.

Jeff & Wendy S
Awesome but PRICEY

These are beautiful! They come in a nice box, and inside they are wrapped in tissue paper. I love that they each have a bit of plant material on them (i.e. eucalyptus). These make a wonderful gift for the woman in your life. They are quite pricey though in my opinion, $32.95 works out to over $8 each. However, if you need, say, a small gift for a hostess or something, these are easily separated and still individually wrapped. I was thinking they would be super cute (individually) put in a clear cellophane bag with some shredded iridescent paper and maybe a couple wrapped chocolate truffles, tied with a bow and a cute little tag/card. Those round wrapped chocolates would be perfect.

Wylee's mom
Absolutely lovely luxurious bath bombs

These bath bombs smell fantastic even before I opened the box. There are 4 bath bombs in all, each a different scent. The bombs are lovely when I opened them and so relaxing in the bath, like a luxury spa treatment. The scent hangs around for some time and my skin feels so soft and smooth when I’m done with my bath. These bath bombs would literally be the “bomb” gift, any woman would just love to receive these. I feel these are some of the best bath bombs I’ve used and worth every penny they cost. Go ahead and splurge for these, you won’t regret it.

Dr. A. Smithe
Luxurious bath bombs

The scents are so good. Presentation makes these giftable, and I think these are worth the price. I would reorder these, not for myself but to include in a self care gift set for someone else.

Shannon Zolar
wonderful scents!!

These are just lovely in presentation and in scent. They would make a beautiful gift and are a nice treat for yourself!

They are wrapped nicely and priced very well in my opinion.