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Bathtub Headrest Pillow

Make a foamy bubble bath an indulgent experience. Unwind, relax, sink into the cushion and allow the warm water to rejuvenate your body.

This unique contour shape ergonomic two-panel bathtub pillow offers enhanced relaxation by providing a more comfortable headrest, and supporting your neck, back and shoulders whilst negating the hard edge of the tub or jacuzzi.

  • Colour: White
  • Size: 36cm x 37cm x 10cm
  • Materials: Ergonomic, anti-bacterial 3D air mesh ventilation technology allowing air to flow through the bathtub pillow making it dry faster, resistant to water, mould and mildew.
  • Special Features: High quality fabric, easy to clean, washable, non-slip, 4 strong suction cups
  • Delivery: FREE standard delivery in the UK over £50. International delivery available from £9.50

Create your own Luxury Home Spa!

Want to enjoy a glass of wine while you're taking a warm bubble bath? What about 'Netflix and Chill' the proper way? Are you more of a bath time reader?  Too many bath accessories but too little space around your bathtub? 

With the Monsuri bath tray caddy you can achieve all of this! It comes complete with a wine glass holder, a strong tablet and book stand with a rear waterproof neoprene cover attached to it for the added protection and a removable tray for all your other bath essentials.

Just lay back, relax and unwind while adding that pure bliss to your bath-time routine. This luxurious bamboo bath tray will allow you to stop the day for a few minutes and enjoy some ME Time!