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How to use

<font size=4>Keep calm and drink tea! </font>

Keep calm and drink tea!


  • Remove the stainless steel filter using its easy access handle
  • Detach the top short infuser of the filter
  • Add your favourite type of loose leaf tea or tea bag into the bottom long infuser basket
  • Screw both the filters together
  • Push the infuser unit into the tumbler lightly until it snaps in place to ensure it never falls out while mid-sip
  • Pour in water from the bottle top and watch your tea steep to perfection


<font size=4>Stay healthy with fruit infused water</font>

Stay healthy with fruit infused water


  • Unscrew and remove the bottom infuser basket
  • Add desired sliced fruit, herbs or raw vegetables into the tumbler
  • Pour in water and allow the flavours to infuse. The longer it sits the more flavourful the water will be
  • Once ready, pour a glass and enjoy. You can refill the water a few times and let it infuse again


<font size=4>Good days start with coffee!</font>

Good days start with coffee!


  • Keep your coffee warm for longer with this well insulated double wall glass bottle 
  • Remove the stainless steel infuser basket completely 
  • Fill the bottle with your favourite brewed coffee 
  • Use the neoprene sleeve to insulate the bottle and keep the drink warmer for longer 
  • Enjoy your coffee while your on the go 
  • TIP: You can use the bottle for smoothies and plain water as well