5 Key Benefits to ME Time

January 06, 2020

Our lives are getting busier and busier by the day. Busy schedules, hectic lives and stressful jobs are making it harder for us to take a step back and have some vital ME time.

However, it is very important for us all to stay in touch with ourselves and set time aside for some quality self-care.

But why? Why is ME time so important, and how can it benefit our lives? Here are five KEY benefits to quality ME time that can have a great, positive effect on your life.

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1. Helps to make us more productive.

Sometimes, a little step back can make us all a lot more productive and focused on the goals that we need to achieve. In addition, over working is one the biggest causes of procrastination. Taking some time for yourself can really help us to re-assess our tasks and be ready to hit them head on!

2. Enhances our relationships.

The University of Michigan have found that a lack ME time is a bigger cause of unhappy marriages. As much as you love being together, making time for yourself enables you to reconnect with what’s important to you and can be used to foster the connection with your other half. So, with this in mind, a long soak in the bath can work wonders for both your relationship and your health & wellness!

3. Reboots our brains.

Have you ever tried working on a computer that has been running for days on end? They tend to become slow, unreliable and awfully frustrating to work with. And yet, a quick reboot, or a reset, always seems to work wonders. In addition, the same can be said for our brains too; overworking and stress can make us slow and hard to work with! ME time works as a great way to reboot and helps us start afresh!

4. Improves our concentration.

It can be very hard to focus on one particular task when our heads are swimming with tasks and jobs that need to be completed. ME time works wonders in the ability to clear our heads and allow our thoughts to run a lot clearer.

5. Aids in problem solving.

Ever spend so long on a problem that you struggle to see the wood for the trees? And then once you have taken a step back, treated yourself to a cuppa, the solution jumps straight out at you? That there is the power of ME time.

These are just five benefits of what quality setting some time aside for YOU can have on your life.

ME time can be easier to hunt down than you may think! A good, hot bath can sometimes be enough to let you soak your troubles away and allow yourself the chance to relax and unwind because we all need it every now and then.

Why not put some time aside right now? For instance, light some candles, turn on some ambient music, grab a glass of wine, run yourself a bath, turn off your phone, pop in a bath bomb and give yourself half an hour to switch off and take a step back from your busy schedule!

Give yourself the time you deserve! Remember that there is still a little me in tiME.

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