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About Us

Our mission is to help you get that wellness-loving mojo back.

For most of us, the world has become a busy and a stressful place to live where conflict and problems come at us from every direction.. Most people wish for a more relaxing and peaceful life, unburdened by the stress of large cities, traffic and pollution. That’s where Monsuri comes in!

Monsuri is a health & wellness company, created for the sole purpose of helping you find relaxation and reduce the stresses that stem from your overwhelming and busy life.

Our range of products are your ticket to a unique Zen experience that will promote a soothing sense of wellness while offering innumerable health benefits!

Thank you for choosing us and trusting in our products to deliver a detoxifying, stress-freeing experience every time!

Our story...

"People always ask me why I left the world of investment banking to start Monsuri. I've always loved to solve problems and one problem that was persistent in this high pressure environment was the stress and little time I dedicated to taking care of myself.

I loved my job but I was working long hours and as time went by, any semblance of a balanced life went out the window. I started feeling tired and had no energy or desire to hang out with my friends.It was a classic case of burnout. This is when I decided to co-found Monsuri and my vision was: To design affordable products everyone can use at home to focus on themselves.

After all, we need to realise that ME time’ plays a vital role in our wellbeing".

- Navin -

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Co-founder, Monsuri

Meet Navin

CEO, Monsuri

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