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Bathtub Pillow
Rina K.
Bath tub pillow

Very comfortabble

Material is good quality, lots of suction cups keep it in place, I would prefer a larger pillow but this one is sufficient

Just For Mom Gift Basket
Darlene Moore
A gift

I bought it as a gift for a new mother who hasn't used it.


I enjoyed it so much this was my second in which one I gave to a friend for a birthday gift :) .

Bathtub Pillow
Holly peters
Decent purchase

Stays put, pretty comfy, but changes color fast.

Excellent item all around! I received it as a gift (after searching for the perfect bath pillow on my own), and then later gifted another one to a friend in need of bath time luxury. Highly recommend every time!

My mom loved it! She's been wanting one for awhile!

Strong suction cup tore fabric

Great pillow and design with strong suction. I bought it 2 months ago and one of the suction cups has torn away from the fabric. :(

Lovely set

This is a lovely set. It smells wonderful. This would make a nice gift for any woman in your life. Who doesn't want to relax? I think the price is a little high in my opinion. My only complaint.

Great gift!

This was part of a gift for a friend. She loved it.



wonderful scents!!

These are just lovely in presentation and in scent. They would make a beautiful gift and are a nice treat for yourself!

They are wrapped nicely and priced very well in my opinion.

Bamboo Bath Caddy
Tracey Pankau
Love it

Very sturdy & durable

Bathtub Pillow

It came quickly, but doesn’t seem as comfortable or good quality as the other reviews claimed. It is a gift so I hope it is enjoyed.

Bathtub Pillow
Kimberly well made...thank you so very much!

Full Body Bath Pillow
Lubina Qureshy

Comfortable and cushions one from the hard surface. Good suction. The neck fits well in the pillow.

Bathtub Pillow
Paul Carrig
Fantastic gift, super cosy.

OK so first off this isn't the cheapest bath pillow out there but it is fantastic quality.

I got my partner one for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. As someone who owns every bath product there were no more bubbles or smellies I could buy my partner but this was a perfect accompaniment to Bath time.
Really great quality, size and sturdiness. I haven't used it myself yet but may give it a sneaky go one day 😅

Make sure to wash it after using.

Bathtub Pillow
Sylvie Joly
so comfy

had a soaker tub installed in my bath... omg nothing like relaxing in a hot bath after a 12 hour shift... the pillow makes relaxing so easy and comfortable...

eucalyptus shower steamers

I've always liked and used the eucalyptus shower steamers

Bathtub Pillow
Jane Hale

Relaxing and comfortable

Full Body Bath Pillow
Marcy Montoya
Full body bath pillow

I love it! I have a bad back and soaking in a tub was out of the question until I got my pillow! I may never get out of the tub!☺️

Full Body Bath Pillow
Amanda Hull
It's better than nothing

The suction cups stick better than any other mat I have tried so I'm fully satisfied with it

Bathing Experience Enhanced!

I bought a pillow for both my sister and myself. We both aodore it. We bask in our tubs a lot and had no idea our experience could be so enhanced by the pillow!

The quality is amazing! It is so soft and comfortable! So perfect for my spa time in my jacuzzi!

Bamboo Bath Caddy
Andrew Solak

Bamboo Bath Caddy