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Great sampling of products - wrapped very neatly - prefect gift

Great "stocking stuffer" for my wife. Christmas gift in my case, but I'd buy this for an anniversary, birthday, etc. The bath bombs were nice, the oil and salve were great if maybe a tad redundant, but the shower steamers are really interesting. The steamers smell wonderful, and they really clear out the sinuses. I just wished they lasted a bit longer! I'll have to buy a couple packs of just steamers for myself. The packaging was professional, and it almost seemed silly to wrap it. I'll be back for more!


I love love love my bath pillow and caddy combo. The pillow is so nice for comfort and really helps with the pressure points and I love the caddy and the convenience. It fits perfectly and holds everything I need and more. I would recommend!

My wife's Christmas present, she loves it

Bathtub Pillow
Perfect Gift

This item is so perfect for lounging in the bathtub and pampering yourself. I bought it for a friend of mine and then had to buy a bath pillow for myself! Customer service and delivery time for exemplary

Perfect hut! Our daughter-in-law loved them!

Kids waited a long time to build their perfect master bath. After much searching she found the perfect tub for soaking and reading/relaxing. This tray and pillow were just what she needed to make it her special retreat. Thank you!

Bamboo Bath Caddy
Maximo Estrella

Bamboo Bath Caddy

Giving as gift.

Cannot say yet!



Bathtub Pillow
Mechelle Bishop
Love it

This pillow exceeds all others I've tried. The thickness makes the difference.

Invigorating in the Shower

This eucalyptus shower spray is delightful. I was a little reluctant to expect much from it, but gave it a whirl last week as I took a particularly steamy shower. It was wonderful. It made just enough vapor to be invigorating but not overpowering, and I felt more refreshed than ever after the shower. The slight lingering fragrance in the bathroom is quite pleasant as well. Using the spray left no residue anywhere that I could find, and it is very nice indeed!


This should be sprayed onto the shower walls, not into the spray of water. They recommend 4 sprays per shower. It can also be used as a room spray. This comes nicely packaged and would make a nice gift,

Bathtub Tray and Bath Pillow for Tub

Bamboo Bath Caddy

The shipping was very quick, which I didn’t expect for a bigger item. The craftsmanship looks perfect and I’m so excited to gift it to my fiend!

Just For Mom Gift Basket

This was a gift for my good friend’s birthday. She is an awesome mom and needed to treat herself.

Clears up your sinuses!

I purchased this eucalyptus shower spray through the Amazon vine program. I purchased it for my hubby and son who can NEVER breath. Both have sinus issues pretty much year round. I was curious how this worked. My son used it the day it was delivered. He loves it!! My son takes takes crazy hot showers as it is… as soon as the steam started he said he sprayed this all around the inside of the shower and he could actually breath! My hubby had same results. However, though it didn’t last very long afterwards… it did help to open up their nasal passages. The scent is very strong, but not at all in a bad way. My son started spraying this on his blankets as well. Strange as it sounds… it works. I’m thinking this will be a staple in our bathroom. Great product!

Home Spa Self-Care Kit
Workin’ Mom
Nice Gift

This gift set is full of really high quality products and would make a great gift for someone who likes to pamper themselves.

Full Body Bath Pillow
Marylynn Herold

Very pleased with our purchase.

Bamboo Bath Caddy
Mark J. LaCour
love it!

perfect for unwinding in the tub- and it holds the wine glass very well

Bathtub Pillow

I absolutely love this pillow. It’s soft and keeps me relaxed when I’m enjoying my self care time!

Bamboo Bath Caddy

I wasn't sure if this would fit, but the adjustments are great and I'm in love with the fairly sturdy book holder too. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a bath caddy tray.

Well made and versatile. It was exactly as described and arrived quickly. Made a great gift.

Bijou Bath Pillow
Meg Marion
Fantastic bath pillow!

This bath pillow is as simple as it is awesome! NOW I can truly relax in the tub. :)

“Monsuri Luxuries”

Qualifier: I am a male, but I too need pampering in a stress-filled world.
I get so much enjoyment and relaxation out of my “Monsuri Luxuries.”
The other day I called the Monsuri people on laundering my pillow and the man was so kind and helpful.
Thank you, Monsuri!!!

Bamboo Bath Caddy
Emily Kleeman
Great but no gift message

My sister loved it but there was no way to leave a gift message so she didn’t know who it was from

Bathtub Pillow
Patrice L.

Daughter in Law loved it.