Self Care Gift Box

  • WE'VE COMBINED THE BEST NATURAL BATH & BODY PRODUCTS in this self care gift box.

    Reap the benefits of your favorite spa day essentials without the hassle of leaving your home.

    Put our all-natural self-care products to work for you, breathing in the sweet scent of organic essential oils while nourishing your skin with our herbal-infused products.

    This self care basket contains exactly the kind of at home spa essentials needed for pampering yourself and encouraging a rested state of mind

    * All home spa gift set products are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients.

At Monsuri, we believe in bringing the spa to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great sampling of products - wrapped very neatly - prefect gift

Great "stocking stuffer" for my wife. Christmas gift in my case, but I'd buy this for an anniversary, birthday, etc. The bath bombs were nice, the oil and salve were great if maybe a tad redundant, but the shower steamers are really interesting. The steamers smell wonderful, and they really clear out the sinuses. I just wished they lasted a bit longer! I'll have to buy a couple packs of just steamers for myself. The packaging was professional, and it almost seemed silly to wrap it. I'll be back for more!

Workin’ Mom
Nice Gift

This gift set is full of really high quality products and would make a great gift for someone who likes to pamper themselves.

Perfect Gift Set

Everything came packaged incredibly well, left no room for damage during shipping.

The items gave a very luxurious feel and everything smelled absolutely amazing!

B. McCarthy
Nice gift set

This would make a nice gift set for someone. It comes with a variety of different things. I thought the quality was fine. As for the smell - that is a person decision. Not everyone likes this smell, but it is not an uncommon one. They were packaged well. The value was more okay than great. I do think this can be a nice easy gift for someone.

Very small gift package

The package is smaller than I expected. It came with all the bath goodies like bubble bath, shower steamer, body oil. Everything smells good and relaxing. All the ingredients are from natural and organic, which are best for new mom because of the skin sensitivity after giving birth. This is a good and thoughtful gift for any new moms to pamper herself, a little escape from the reality. If the package would be bigger a little, would make an awesome gift.

Nice Gift Set

I have another monsuri gift set that has a few similar items, and though I think that one is still a bit expensive I think it's a better value than this set at the same cost. I might go for another set before this one.
The shower steamers have a great scent, as do the bath bombs. The steamers are much smaller than most other steamers I've used though and only last one shower. This set also comes with their massage oil; like most massage oils I've used it has a slightly sticky texture that eventually absorbs into the skin; to me, the lemongrass and pepper scents come through the strongest in this oil. I have very sensitive skin with eczema and haven't had any issues using it. Finally, it includes a tin of balm, that I couldn't really see using for anything other than my lips. It's minty and very herbal smelling.
The gift set itself as well as the products are very well packaged and are ready to give with no other effort needed on your part.