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Bath Tray Caddy to Turn your Bath into a Home Spa

January 30, 2020

Just when you thought your life is all lit and fun, our all amazing bath tray comes in and indulges you in an experience like never before.

Trust us when we say nothing can be more fun than donning your bathtub with this exciting bath accessory that promises to give you that pristine home spa atmosphere you have always longed for.

Create your own luxury home spa with our bath tray!

For those bath lovers out there, who love soaking away in long hot bubble baths, buying our bath tray will not fail to impress. Our bath tray is just what you need to turn your bathing time into a memorable experience. In fact, they were designed with you in mind. Specially created to be positioned over your bathtub, this beautiful bath tray will give you an experience like no other. Our bathtub caddy boasts a well-crafted book stand that securely holds your book in place while you enjoy soaking away in a blissful bubble bath.

With our wooden bath caddy, you can unwind and relax after a hard day’s job. Can’t seem to do without your smartphone even while taking your bath? Not to worry, our bathtub tray is fitted with a stand which securely holds your smartphone or tablets in place while you revel in the euphoria of your bath time. Are you bothered that our bath tub tray may not fit perfectly with your tub? Not to sweat it, this product is designed to fit every bathtub. Surprised? Actually, you shouldn’t. Our bath caddy can be easily adjusted to just about any length.

The icing on the cake is that our bathtub caddy has a wine slot where you can safely place your sizzling glass of wine even while taking your bath. Isn’t that amazing? Now that is how you spend a good old ‘me time’ moment.

“I had the best bath watching Netflix and drinking wine.”

But that’s not all. The fact that our bath tray is extremely eco-friendly makes it a darling among women who know that bath time should be fun time. Amazingly crafted out of the finest of organic products like bamboo, our bathtub tray is just fitting for someone with your taste and fidelity. Wouldn’t you want to use a product that doesn’t hurt our planet in anyway? I bet you do. That is why buying our eco-friendly bath tray should be on your list of must have.

If you don't already have a bathtub tray, then you are truly missing out. Not only does it really help you relax when you need it the most, it also looks great in any bathroom at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own bathtub tray today and enjoy a luxury bubble bath home spa experience like never before. With this bamboo bath tray, you can unwind and soak away like the queen that you are. You’ll certainly want to do this more often.

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