Top 5 Tips for a Relaxing Bath Experience

One of the best parts of the day is slipping into a relaxing bath for some much-needed "me" time. Not only does bath time serve as a great temporary escape, but baths also help relieve stress and anxiety.

Often, they're even used as a method of holistic healing to alleviate joint pain and stimulate blood flow. Basically, taking a bath helps you breathe just a little easier – and we've got five relaxing bath ideas to transform any bath into a luxurious home spa experience with Monsuri's relaxing bath products!

1. Dim the Lights

A massage or a facial wouldn't be as soothing in harsh lighting, so why would you take a brightly-lit bath? Candles are an amazing way to transport yourself to an atmosphere of true tranquility, so why not make good use of them?

Try lighting a few candles for ambience – scented or scentless – and keeping the overhead lights dim (or switched off). This one simple suggestion can do wonders for a relaxing bath routine, and can prepare your mind and body for sleep as you adjust to a darker atmosphere.

2. Use Bath Accessories

Incorporating a few bath products into your routine can truly enhance your bathing experience. Are you a tub-reader? Does savoring a glass of wine during bath time sound heavenly?

Consider a plush bathtub pillow for fantastic head and neck support, or a sleek bath caddy for keeping all of your favorites within easy reach as you decompress beneath the bubbles. It might only take a few "extras" to turn bath time into a truly unparalleled experience in relaxation.

3. Benefit from Bubbles & Bath Salts

Going a step beyond a "hot bath," a bubble bath is one of the most iconic methods of relaxation. Make your bubble bath your own with the perfect scent/solution for you!

Having trouble choosing from the hundreds of options out there? Start with a few essential criteria as you search for your ideal bubble bath formula: organic, scentless (or naturally-scented), and gentle on skin. In general, products that are vegan or ethically-produced tend to have safe ingredients. A few other great options for kicking bath time up a notch are Himalayan bath salts and essential oils – particularly lavender-scented products.

Bath salts help reduce inflammation, soothe aching joints, and treat skin conditions such as eczema or acne. Alternatively, essential oils pack a sensory punch, and can be extremely soothing after a long day!

4. Turn On the Tunes

For many people, music speaks to the soul, and can set the mood for nearly any occasion. Try incorporating some relaxing bath music into your bathing routine, whether that means enjoying classical compositions, smooth jazz, or even simply your favorite songs.

Music has been scientifically proven to have a healing effect on the brain, and can aid in stress relief and pain reduction. Why not combine a soothing playlist with bath time to add to the overall experience?

5. Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin

Who doesn't want smooth, glowy skin? Use bath time to achieve your skin goals! Whether you use a face mask, body scrub, body oil or any other skin products, there's no better time to implement these practices than in the bath. Let the steam naturally work to open your pores and make your skin more receptive to treatments and creams.

One thing to watch out for is bath temperature, which – if too hot – can be harsh, and have a drying effect on skin. Be sure to moisturize immediately following your bath to achieve your ideal skin goals.

The next time you slip into a relaxing bath, take the opportunity to truly indulge yourself. Add as many of these extra steps as possible to the experience, and you'll emerge from your bathroom feeling like a new person!


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