10 Must-Haves for Your Self-Care Routine

February 15, 2021

If you have a hectic life and crammed schedule, the mere thought of taking time for yourself may feel like a luxury you can't afford. The truth is, self-care doesn't have to be extravagant or time-consuming! In fact, it can be as simple as taking a brief "time-out" from work to enjoy fifteen minutes outside.

If you know you need a healthy dose of self-care in your life, but aren't sure where to start, let us help! Below, we've compiled the perfect list of self-care ideas, so you can pamper yourself with some much-needed "me time." The best part? All of these self-care items can be easily incorporated into your daily routine!

Top Self-Care Product Ideas for Women

1. Enjoy a moisturizing aromatherapy experience.

Treat your senses and your skin. Grab your favorite scented lotion, body balm, or body oil, and massage and moisturize your hands and arms. This is the perfect pick-me-up for any desk job!

2. Get lost in one chapter of a book.

Sometimes, the best way to relax is to let your mind wander. Go ahead and reach for that guilty-pleasure read! Even if it's just one chapter, you'll feel as though you've taken a much-needed mental vacation.

3. Renew skin with an exfoliating mask.

Skin care is an important part of self-care. According to dermatologists, "Facial masks can be an effective way to deliver...nourishing and therapeutic skin care ingredients." Just make sure the mask you choose contains mild ingredients, and is compatible with your skin type!

4. Enhance your shower with a shower steamer.

No matter how little time you think you have for self-care, you have to shower, don't you? Why not step up shower time with a refreshing, calming shower steamer set? There are a variety of amazing scents to choose from that will balance and complement your mood. Go ahead and indulge in a little aromatherapy!

5. Make the most of bath time with accessories.

If you've got time for a bath, consider enhancing the experience with some high-quality accessories. Enjoy a fragrant and natural bath bomb, or try some soothing bath salts. How about a sleek bath tray you'll use again and again to keep your books, wine glass, and iPad within easy reach? Choose your favorite bath accessories to make every bath time "me time."

6. Exercise.

One the best ways to practice self-care is by moving your body. Doctors recommend 150 minutes of heart-pumping exercise per week. Use your workout time to listen to your favorite music, and burn off steam from your busy day!

7. Practice meditation.

Meditation is a quick and effective practice that provides a slew of health benefits. If you have even five minutes of free time, meditation is one great way to practice self-care. Simply close your eyes, sit in a position where you can breathe easily, and try to relax your mind.

8. Brew a cup of soothing herbal tea.

Herbal teas are widely-used to help calm stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation. Choose from loose leaf or tea bag varieties, and select anything from chamomile to lavender to peach—whatever is your cup of tea!

9. Journal your thoughts.

Journaling about your day can be quite cathartic, and can help release pent-up stress and anxiety. It is even promoted as a way to improve mental health. Grab a pen and let it all out!

10. Enjoy the sensation of an ice roller.

Ice rollers are becoming a popular way to reduce facial inflammation, and to rejuvenate your skin. Ice rollers are stored in your freezer to be used first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Best of all, this form of easy self-care only takes a minute or two.

No matter how you enjoy relaxing—whether by using soothing self-care products, or by simply carving out time for yourself—self-care is nonnegotiable. No matter how busy you are, these ten self-care items make "me time" more practical and attainable than ever!

10 Must-Haves for your Self-Care Routine | Relaxation and Pampering Gift Ideas for Women - Monsuri

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