Do Hot Baths Help Sore Muscles?

July 08, 2021

Wondering how to alleviate stubborn muscle aches and pains?

You're not alone. Research shows that 1 in 5 adults suffer from muscle pain annually, with lower back pain specifically affecting more than 1 in 10 people. In fact, back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, making it difficult for people to meet their daily responsibilities. In the words of Joseph Pilates: "A man is only as young as his spine."

If you're struggling with new or regular muscle pain or stiffness, you've probably already tried the more mainstream solutions: over-the-counter pain meds, heat or vaporub balms...maybe even chiropractic, massage, or physical therapy. While all of those can be used to effectively treat and target muscle soreness, there's an even more basic solution that's bound to improve your muscle pain and overall state of mind: draw a hot bath.

Is there anything better than a muscle relaxing bath to loosen the tension and stress you've been carrying around from the demands of your daily routine? Whether you're a shift work employee and are on your feet all day, are hunched over a computer screen for eight hours, or perform physically taxing work, a bath for sore muscles is a great way to treat aches and pains while treating yourself to a bit of "me time."

Hot water itself has many therapeutic properties—just take a look at the benefits of thermal spas—but throwing in a few bath time accessories can really kick things up a notch, facilitating further healing. For example, why not take advantage of essential oils for sore muscles? All-natural bath bombs are an excellent way to blend the holistic qualities of essential oils with the restorative power of steam and hot water. You can even take treatment a step further and select a bath bomb made with anti-inflammatory Epsom salt, or choose one that offers the aromatherapy benefits that target your emotions or mood. How about lavender to promote tranquility, or lemongrass to sharpen the senses?

Bath salts for sore muscles are another excellent bath add-in! Look for high-quality ingredients when selecting a bath salt blend—preferably those that target inflammation and aid in pain relief. Coconut, lavender, and rose are a few good options that will work to alleviate muscle aches and boost your mood.

Lastly, a luxurious accessory to further enhance your bath soak for sore muscles is a bath pillow. A plush, cushioned pillow will ensure that the hard tub doesn't put additional strain on sore muscles, and will provide an extra layer of relaxation.

Your best bath soak for sore muscles starts with a few of these little self-care luxuries! Your physical and mental health are invaluable—you can't put a price (or a time stamp) on "me time"—so enjoy some time to yourself as you slip beneath the bubbles and let the healing power of a hot bath melt your pain away.

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