Self-Care Shower Steamer Set (6 units)

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Unwind in no time with an elevated shower experience!

The SELF-CARE SHOWER STEAMERS SET is the perfect solution for tackling stressful days! One set contains 6 shower steamers, reflecting 6 moods with corresponding scents:

1. Lemongrass & Rose (Rise & Shine) — bright, fizzy, fresh 

2. Eucalyptus Grapefruit (Energize) — vigorous, refreshing, determined

3. Lemongrass (Stress Less) — effervescent, sparkling, citrusy

4. Peppermint Eucalyptus (Just Breathe) — brisk, cool, invigorating

5. Lavender Chamomile (Tranquility) — calming, soothing, Zen

6. Lavender Vanilla (Sweet Dreams ) — peaceful, sweet, serene